Certified Dietary Manager
Brief info

Miranda is a Certified Dietary Manager with over 15 years of experience in food service. More than a decade of employment with hospital and long-term care have fostered lifelong professional skills and useful dietary knowledge. She has years of hands-on experience that have given her an understanding of passion for food, as well as cultivating and creating unique dining experiences for residents at Conroe Health Care Center. She has participated in and won many cooking contests, such as BBQ cook-offs and chili cook-offs. She is an award-winning dessert creator and baker. A passion of hers is catering to private events, which includes attention to detail in her table presentation.

In her spare time, she serves on the board of the local youth baseball authority and is a philanthropist helping those in need in her community. She is a wife and mom of 4 beautiful children, and there is always a seat at her dinner table for you.

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