Art as Therapy in Senior Living Communities

It has been proven that art therapy activities benefit the mental health of older adults. The incorporation of artistic pursuits in residential aged care, especially for those living with dementia, can be a great way to improve the quality of life for residents. The benefits of participating in group art sessions can include improved cognitive functioning, increased communication abilities, improved self-esteem, improved pleasure, enjoyment of life, improved memory, and an improved ability to think creatively, especially for older people with dementia.

We were looking for a project that would be able to assist residents with improving eye and hand coordination, improving dexterity, grip control, and concentrating on the task at hand. The coloring project was chosen and presented to the residents for feedback.  They loved the idea. In fact, it worked well, and residents looked forward to getting together and working on our project throughout the week. As we all know that it is important for seniors to strengthen their motor skills as much as possible, this project was a major success!

Creating our coloring wall took a few months of planning and gathering regularity, but now it is proudly displaying the talents of our residents. Schedule a tour today and see this amazing piece for yourself!

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