Questions to Ask During Your Senior Living Tour

You want to take the next step and tour a senior living community. You want the most out of the experience, so what kinds of questions should you ask?

For the most informative experience on a senior living community tour, prepare questions beforehand. Senior living professionals can show you around the community, but they may not give you all the information you need unless you ask questions.

Bring a List

If you plan on visiting, prepare questions regarding staffing, living spaces, activities, health care, nutrition, and anything else that is important for your decision-making process. 

If you are not sure what to ask, use the list of 13 questions below that are helpful when visiting a senior living community. Take these questions with you and ask them if they haven’t already been answered. This will allow you to make a confident decision in the end.


1. What is the staff-to-resident ratio?

2. What is the community’s policy on reporting suspected abuse?

3. Does the community have any history of elderly abuse?

4. Do all employees undergo background checks?

Living Spaces

5. Are there different types of rooms available?

6. Are all rooms shared?

7. Does the facility provide internet access?

8. Do you allow pets at your facility?

9. Are residents able to decorate their own spaces and personalize them?


10. Do you have an event schedule posted?

11. How often do residents have the opportunity to participate in activities?

12. Is there live entertainment on the events calendar? If so, what kind, and how often?

13. Can residents interact with the local community through outings or volunteering?

When considering moving a family member into a senior care facility, there are many factors to consider. Ensure that your loved one understands why they are moving and feels comfortable in the facility you have chosen for them. This will result in a smoother transition for everyone.

Our goal at Conroe Health Care Center is to provide premium skilled nursing services, superior therapy services, and unsurpassed personal care services. Residents receive personalized health care in a comfortable, relaxed, and home-like environment. Please contact us if you would like to take a tour!

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